2018-: Phd student in the team COMMANDS under the supervision of J. Frédéric Bonnans and Laurent Pfeiffer at CMAP. École Polytechnique and IPP. Doctoral school EDMH.
Subject of the thesis : Some contributions to mean field game theory.

2017-2018: Master of science in Optimization at Paris-Saclay.

2015-2018: Magistère d’économiste statisticien at TSE.

2016-2017: Mathematics of decision making and statistics.

2015-2016: MIASHS bachelor at TSE.

Professional experience

2018: Discrete mean field games. Advisor: J. Frédéric Bonnans. COMMANDS team, École Polytechnique, 6 months.

2017: Search engine, bias and ad-blockers. Advisor: Alexandre de Cornière. TSE, 3 months.

2016: Diabetic retinopathy screening data analysis. Advisor: Anne-Claire Berthaux. CHU Dijon, 2 months.


2020: Fellow of the ecologic transition commission of CMAP. Co-organizer of the first congress of young researchers in applied mathematics (cjc-ma).

2019: Fellow of 0.6 Planet Project.

2016: Fellow and co-founder of the office of sports (BDS), TSE.

2012-2014: Fellow of the student association Le cercle Eiffel, Dijon.


Programming skills : Latex, Python, Jupyter.